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I feel like a failure

  1. Nov 18, 2005 #1
    For some reason, I'm doing very well in Calculus BC but in Physics C I just blank out. We are doing applications of Newton's Laws and it seems easy, but usually I just blank out one a major test. I feel like an idot compared to everyone else. I would like some reccomendations on how I can do better in this class.(i.e. better study habits, good supplements)

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    Don't judge yourself on the basis of the performance of others. You study to learn physics for yourself, right? Besides, failing things is how you learn. I mess up occasionally too. Fortunately! Failure is the source of learning new things.

    The way to learn physics is to make a lot of exercises. Doing physics is a skill most of all. That means reading a book and 'understanding' what the book says is not enough. You have practice a lot and solve a lot of problems. Inspect the methodology of the solution etc. That's how you learn. The only reason why you really learn by solving problems is so you can screw up, see your error, learn from it and do it right on the exam.
    'Blanking out' (almost always) comes from lack of understanding or practice. By doing problems you are confronted with this directly, that's why it's so important. Struggling with it is...healthy.
    If you are really really stuck on a problem you can post your problem in the homework section for help. When you got the solution, look back and inspect the solution to see where your difficulties were and how it is resolved. The failure to do this problem will be the root for better understanding of the physics.

    So see failure as a source of inspiration! And be sure to be confronted with this before an exam.
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    PF exists as a resource for students and others studying mathematics, physics and other sciences.

    First of all, as Galileo mentioned, don't judge yourself by others' performance.

    Now if you do well in math, but not so well in physics, then perhaps you have some difficulty in translating work problems into the mathematics.

    So the idea would be to practice with word problems. Learn how to translate words and phrases into symbols and equations.

    Perhaps write a table of concepts and equations.

    Also, we have many tutorials of various subjects in physics.
    Introductory Physics Tutorials - https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=160 [Broken]

    And we have the homework sections for people to ask questions about problems.
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