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I feel sad

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    I went to the bank today to get my finances sorted, two of the first thing the advisor asked was, Have you made a will, and are you funeral expenses sorted, the rotten sod they were the last things on my mind.
    Well at least my daughter is sorted if i kick the bucket, the thing is though i never thought about croaking until today, and now i can not stop thinking about it.
    Oh well tomorrows another day may be i can go back to worrying about where my next bump or bruise is coming from.
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    It must be the bottle of life you gave to Evo.

    Have one of mine and check out the wild life thread for instance. It helps
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    You made it this far, so you must be fairly indestructible. Just make the best of every experience, know that you have friends who care about you (here, if not in real life), and don't ever watch 'Blade Runner'. :biggrin:
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    Yeah, nothing like thinking about wills and funeral arrangements to give one a big dose of mortality.
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    It will happen to the best of us Wolly, we can only hope its not any time soon. I find the older I get, I make less time for petty disagreements and things I find undesirable, and more time to do the things I enjoy.
    Its good to think and reflect on our life, and briefly to do so on our death. But I wouldn't dwell too deeply on the latter, instead go for a walk someplace special, and enjoy the beauty of our earth.
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    Thanks guys, i fell better all ready, the red wine helped as well, with the full English breakfast of course, now where can i cause some mischief to make me feel even better.
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