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I feel stupid for askin this but

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    I'm kinda confused about atoms.

    Basically when particles came into existance, they were affecting other particles so they were being "seen", which would allow them to have a position so they could come together to form atoms, right? I'm so confused about atoms after learning about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, sorry if this question is stupid.
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    I have trouble understanding what your question is. However when particles came into existence (after the big bang) there was too much energy around for atoms to form. It took about 380,000 years before things cooled down enough for atoms to form. What is your concern about Heisenberg's principle in this context?
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    No, this is certainly not a stupid question but rather no question at all. When your confusion has leveled you might probably want to try asking again.
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    Sicewa, Heisenberg's principle does not say that you can't measure the position of a particle.
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    Geez after reading what I wrote even I have no idea what the heck I was talking about. Anyway I understand it now, I think, thanks.
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    Even if we bounce a particle off another particle to measure position, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Rule still holds.
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    maybe decoherence, check relevent books and articals.This is really a long story traced back to Einstein and Borh's dispute.Basic ideas is enviroment degrees of freedom which are orthogonal states entangles with the system to be measured makes the system bahaves like classical esembles of "classical" states.
    for all practical purpose,you can just assumpt that a wave function collapes when the relevent quantity is measured. That is to say , the moon come into existence when you watch it.
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