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I feeling down please help me

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    I've been serving tables for 4 years and yesterday just gotten my shifts taken away from me allegedly because I am a "bad server." Its really ball-crushing to have been told that you suck at your own trade. Whats even worse is the girl I was eyeing on is going "pick up my slacks" as my boss put it. I think I should just forget about asking her out now. Everyone says I look nervous when serving tables but really I just try too hard. Maybe I should have payed more attention to how I was looking. They are still giving me two shifts on Sat and Sun. Should I even bother showing up? I am gonna work with "her" on Sun, I am thinking I should tell her I got school **** so I was gonna ask about getting cut anyway.

    I served 3 years at a different place. I just started at this place. 4 years doing a stuff and just got completely emasculated and humiliated on the very thing you should be good at by now, not to mention in front of a girl you really like.
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    ... from your post history, it sounds like only a summer job. It is not your trade, and shouldn't be, unless your goal is to be an uneducated dipwad. Your post history indicates that you are attempting to not be an uneducated dipwad.

    Also, this 'emasculated' thing? Can men stop worrying so much about their masculinity? Really, it pisses women off. It smacks of sexism and a lack of confidence.
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    Haha..let me get this...men should not worry about their masculinity because it makes them look less confident (aka, less manly) and less attractive to women.

    Well, this is obviously true, but it's funny that your statement which intended to say the opposite just demonstrated the point!

    ..and it's not sexism, anymore than it is sexism to say that women should stop having periods because its a bloody mess. It's just one of the socio/biological differences between our genders..
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    'Masculinity' does not equal confidence. Confidence is not a male or female trait; it is a human trait.

    Women having periods is not really a behavioral thing. It's blood, not being a testosterone-intoxicated pain in the ***.

    Now, I know men who aren't insecure in their sexuality or their identity as men. They are mature, personable individuals who I enjoy spending time around and who treat people of both sexes as reasonable human beings.

    Too many men, on the other hand, act as if they're the stereotypical frat boy.
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    junglebeast, you evidently don't know much about either masculinity or confidence.
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    If she likes you she wont give a tinkers cuss about your hours being cut, the boss probably thinks its better to have a lady servant any way, ask her what she thinks, the worst that can happen is you crash and burn, if you do just move on it wont be the only time you get a kick in the pants in your life time ,o:)
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    I have 19k saved up and I got to a cheap school. Hopefully I'll remember "this" situation in a fun way.
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    This is in no way a 'situation' by any stretch of the definition.

    Just think, you now have to do less hours at a crap job (you say it's your trade but im inclined to agree with kldickson). You have 19 grand saved that would mean no major money worries for a bit. If you enjoyed the job, just work somewhere else, if you didnt (and just did it for the moeny) then take the time to do something fun. And just ask the bird out, worst she can say is no.

    Personal happiness >>> job, money etc.
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