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I finally heard a good band

  1. Dec 14, 2005 #1
    I love this forum....been a lurker for a while...but i have this to say....

    I have been waiting to hear some music that has not been stupidalized that's right i wrote it stupidalized.

    If any of you want to hear or see the bridge of the generations check these guys out.

    I applaud you maybe i'll see you at one of their shows.

    they are East coast right now.

    oh it's


    if you know what's good.
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    Nice acoustic guitar on "She Is From the Cosmic ...", but the vocalist is a little flat. Oh well.

    If you want great these days - Joe Satriani, and Led Zepagain (http://www.zepagain.com/) is about as close to the real thing as one can get.

    For really great - you needed to be around 30-40 years ago. :cool: :wink:

    Rockin' at the Filmore. :biggrin:
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    Why do I find that a little hard to believe?
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    You should be in the Scepticism and debunking area.

    Do the math.

    now you see that A+B= laughter

    2 jokes in one reply your welcome.

    *Doctor out*
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    I'm a big Grateful Dead fan and I would love to have been around in 1973 era. However, the music and spirit was different back then. I guess on the Terradactle site you have to go to the myspace blog to hear other music, they must be working on their site or something.

    Joe Satriani I have never seen live, however I know of his greatness and guitar work

    Now to be at the Filmore, yes that would be something many of the greats have played there.

    To see Janis would of been something else.

    rock on
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    Well that was pretty average. Maybe you should try Ween or Dredg. They're a class above that. Obivously it comes down to taste, but since you like that you should definitely give those bands a try anyway.
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    Yeah, well like i said they did something to their website but man Live, I guess with all bands it's another story.

    I enjoy Ween went to a few shows enjoyed many of their songs was a good time.

    and yes of coarse, it comes down to taste.
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