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I find it much more enjoyable to work with women

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    Hi all,

    In the past 6 years I have worked with four women. One develops ANSYS models with and for me, another develops custom Excel add-in engineering programs with me, another is project manager, and lastly, one is a chemical engineer. I have found that working with women is much more enjoyable then working with men. There is no "one uping" all the time, bragging, and just plain stupidity that generally results when all men are working together.

    Does anyone else feel the same way?

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    In the workplace, I prefer not to have a preference one way or the other.
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    I prefer not to work with other men that find it much more enjoyable to work with women.
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    jim hardy

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    Experiment, to quantify it for you :

    In your meetings keep track of who interrupts who(m).
    Where I worked men interrupted women way more often than they'd interrupt other men.

    Make some kind of "interrupt matrix" before hand, put it in your clipboard and mark it up during a few meetings.
    You'll soon know what is the pecking order.

    I've heard it said: 'The female of the species is more deadly than the male'.

    But i'm pretty obtuse in such matters.
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    While I was in high school (many years ago) I took a summer job with a large electronics manufacturer. All of my coworkers, including my boss, were women. I liked it. Except that my boss seemed to enjoy having a man to give the physically demanding and dirty jobs to. Many years later when working for another company I found myself in the position of supervising a group of all women. I liked it. Except that I had to do most of the physically demanding and dirty jobs.
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    Good idea, I never thought of doing that.
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