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I forget the name of this term -- Country expands its borders based on religious beliefs

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    I know this is physics forums and I am a physicist. I figure the people out here are well read beyond the realm of physics. I am trying to remember the term that describes a country should expand its borders based on religious belief. I am writing a paper, and I cannot come up with the name of the term for the life of me. It isn't a modern term and doesn't apply to Islam. Please help!!!!!
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    this would about fit that bill .....

    from Wiki ....

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    Thanks for the response! I actually figured it out, it was the Mandate of Heaven. I'm sorry my description was poor, but I really appreciate your answer.
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    Nope, that's not it. The 'Mandate of Heaven' is a term which has a specific meaning in Chinese philosophy:


    A roughly equivalent concept in the West would be the 'Divine Right of Kings':


    The two concepts are different in the details of their application to their respective civilizations.
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