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I forgot long division

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    I forgot long division!!!

    :yuck: I just realized something very scary! I totally forgot how to do long division! I can't belive it can some one please explain!!! :surprised
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    Thanks! And its not funny that I am mathematically challenged! :wink:
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    Hmm--exactly how are you "mathematically challenged" ?
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    he can't do long division
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    Laughing with, not at you. :rofl:

    Long division is one of those skills that we tend to lose as we get accustomed to calcs and comps. Luckily I haven't lost mine. In fact, it's one of the ways I try to get to sleep. Just the other night, I was trying to figure out [itex]\ln 10[/itex] in bed. I knew [itex]\ln 2 \approx 0.693[/itex] and [itex]\log 2 \approx 0.301[/itex]. So I figured that [itex]\ln 10 = \frac{\log_2 10}{\log_2 e} = \frac{\ln 2}{\log 2} \approx \frac{693}{301} \approx 2.30[/itex], after doing the long division in my head. Then I fell asleep. :zzz:

    Some people count sheep. I do this. :biggrin:
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    I remember long division--quite relaxing indeed (assuming the divisor was only 2 or 3 digits), because I could make up my own numbers to divide. But long division is not hard, just tedious.
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    I am totally helpless without a calculator. It's something I am trying to work on thats how I found this place. :tongue:
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    I am a senior physics undergrad, and i have forgotten how to do long division (along with forgetting my times tables, from time to time lol.) That hasn't really hampered my mathematical enrichment, since algorithmic methods such as long division are easily performed on calculators, and I see little use in needing to remember having to do it after learning it in grade school.
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