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I give up

  1. Sep 23, 2009 #1
    I will be going into my senior year of my engineering physics major with a minor in mechanical engineering and mathematical science. I have made posts in Nuclear Engineering, and Clerk[patent] jobs, etc. because I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate.

    I'll have to admit, money is a large factor. Otherwise I would go into theoretical physics.
    Some Things I am good at:
    Programming: I have some experience with mathematica, python, vtk, and mayavi.
    I would like to think I have an exceptional work ethic.
    Working in groups.
    Leadership roles.

    I was wondering if anyone could just pitch some ideas.
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    Do not give up. Never give up. Solve difficult problems in life and at work with joy. Learn all the time, practice a lot. Take care of your health - it is a consumable thing. Enjoy everithing!
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    I agree with Bob. Tenacity is a life/career skill!

    When I enrolled in a Ph.D. program, the advice I got was that it was not "job training." We would learn skills that could be useful in any career, and it would be a wonderful bonus to get to work in the field of our choosing, but overall, we should approach it as a learning experience that would help us regardless of our career path. And, indeed my career path has strayed considerably from my degree, only getting better with each fork I've taken in the road.

    Sometimes you have to just take the job that's available, especially in today's economy. After you have a paying job, you can then work on finding better ones that are more interesting to you. If an opportunity that sounds interesting presents itself, take it.
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