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I got a B+ in calc 1

  1. May 13, 2012 #1
    I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    So im new to this forum. First post! As you all can tell from my title I got a B+ in calc 1. Im declared as an EE major now, and was wondering how that grade stacks up. I was hoping for a A of course but didnt have the BEST study habits and because of that have an overall GPA of about 2.98. Im in my first year btw. We used the thomas calculus book. I guess I feel a little disapointed in this grade. But shoud I? thanks ahead of time!
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    your life as you know it is now over
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    Yup. What Woopydalan said. Have fun mopping floors and flipping burgers, if that.

    In all seriousness, this is one of your first courses. More weight will be put on your later courses and years.
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    Do you know why you got a B+?
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    Perhaps you should consider applying for a job at your local McDonald's.

    All jokes aside, you shouldn't be so disappointed at a B+. It's a good grade and of course it's always better to have an A but oh well.

    You'll probably find Calc II more difficult so make sure to put some time into studying every day or so.
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    It's of little consequence provided you gained a solid foundation in calculus. The basics will be your bread and butter throughout your engineering courses!

    Work on bringing your GPA up. It'll help in obtaining internships/co-ops.
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    B is good, provided you actually understand the material and continue to build upon your calc one knowledge. Just because you are done with calc one doesn't mean you have mastered calc 1 and can move on without ever looking back. You should go back and continue doing problems from your calc 1 sections even when you're in calc 2 or 3. I would guess that you've only fully "mastered" calc 1 when you can do (and understand) every problem in the calc book from basic limits to beginning integration. When you've done every end of chapter question, then you can feel comfortable.

    BTW, I just finished calc 1 also. Good luck. BTW, many of the tutors at my school have gotten C's when they took calc, but if you build a real understanding of the material (not just memorize how to solve problems), then you are in a very good position, in my opinion. I've found this website, physicsforums, invaluable to my understanding of subjects. Keep up the good work, but don't slack.
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    I'd also like to add, it is common to get adjusted to things in your first year. Different lifestyle and such.
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    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    lol well sarcasm aside I think i get the drift. Just was a little frustrated. Had alot going on this semester and will start the next one more focused. Thanks all for the input. Will be sure to work some problems throught the summer too.
  11. May 30, 2012 #10
    Re: I got a B+ in calc 1!!!

    Grad schools care more about your junior/senior grades. You should be fine. I got a couple of B+s in my math courses and I still got into grad school (admittedly at a less prestigious school, but one that I was satisfied with).
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