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I got an interview

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    jimmy p

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    I have a 'short interview' at Surrey University where i get to look around the campus and physics stuff!!! and i thought i wouldnt get accepted anywhere! lol. Calm down...im only half way there...any suggestions on the interview?
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    Lots of make-up!
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    That and a short skirt never hurts your chances:wink:
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    If they ask you if you have any leadership qualities tell them no. Tell them you are a natural-born follower down to the DNA in every nucleus of every cell. This will put you in high demand at any college, as every other respondent to that question always answers that, yes, they are a natural leader. Hey, somebody has got to do the following, right?

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    HEY! You're a chopnik, right? No problem. You'll get in.:wink:
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    Englighten me with a definition of a chopnik
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    He's an adorable cutie!
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    jimmy p

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    Thanks ladies!!! Wooo!!

    I'll bear that in mind Andy and Zantra, do you think i should shave my legs when wearing a short skirt, or go Scottish?
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    Shave of course! You don't want to be tacky or anything. Some hose never hurts
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