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Homework Help: I got some problems with ker and dim in matrices

  1. Feb 6, 2008 #1

    this is how we solve a question without any parameter in the matrix:

    we take each line make and equation out of it and put =0 in the end of each line
    than we find the solution to this matrix
    (we find the value for X value for Y value for Z of course there might be more than one vector)
    and the solution represents the vectors of the ker

    i asked previosly what should i do in case of parameters
    the answer that i got was
    "find the values of parameters for which the rows will be all zeros"

    why arent we solving it??????

    regarding the Im:

    we put =b1 =b2 =b3 in the end of each line
    and solve
    i dont know how

    i got here a simple parameter matrix can u please write the full solution
    of maximal value of dim(ker A) and the maximal value of dim(Im A)

    i simplified the matrix from the original form to the simplest form

    i heard many version many explanations to this sort of problem
    can you write an answer to this ????
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2008
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