Medical I had a dream where I was intimate with my mom?

  1. How "normal" is this? Let's be honest. It's not like anyone will get you in trouble for posting on PF.
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    Woah! lol, I'm sorry I am immature. But to be honest with you, I had a similar dream but with my grandmother. It really scared me to the point of not visiting my grandmother. I usually visit her every year around Christmas/Thanksgiving. Otherwise, I avoid. It's weird and I don't know what it means. Does it mean you are sexually attracted to your mother, or me to my grandmother?

    To add another ounce of weirdness to it, I began thinking about it during the daytime when I am conscious, so... Glad to see someone else coming out with similar weird dreams, otherwise I'd keep it to myself.

    But I am not sexually attracted to my grandmother or I don't think I am. Hopefully a psychologist has some answers or someone with extensive dream research experience.
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    Moved to psychology so it gets proper responses, which must be backed up by mianstream, aprropriate sources.
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    Lets also not forget that usually a dream is just a dream, they have no meaning. Not real, not something we'd do or want to do. Dreams don't have to make any sense.
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    May I ask please, for this response where are the "mianstream (sic), aprropriate (sic) sources" that you yourself requested?

    Or, could this be unsubstantiated conjecture?

    Thank you for your attention,
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    Using Google search I could not find any "mainstream appropriate sources" discussing sex with mothers. There were lots of other forums and blogs, but I did not find any "peer reviewed" appropriate sources. Under the "Oedipus complex" much of the theory seems to stem from Sigmund Freud. And he seems to have lost most of his credibility as of late.
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    Watch out, Evo, someone knows enough about journalism to take petty shots at your grammar.


    I'm also worried about someone who needs a verified source to know that dreams aren't real.
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    For Laplace transforms there's a handy table of conversions in the back of CRC handbook.
    I don't think there's any analogous table of dream interpretations that would be credible..

    If you fellows are serious, try a search on terms 'dream' and 'psychology' and peruse the results.

    Here's an easily readable review of an article describing a logical approach to getting started.
    The author being reviewed is, interestingly, a Political Science major turned psychologist, exactly like Evo's friend Professor Noll. He too went to Harvard.

    The steps he describes pretty well parallel my experience and i've read a couple of the pieces in his 'suggested reading'. It seems a reasonable place to start.

    If you want some more light reading, here's a Jungian analysis of the Chicken Little fable that , well, just rocks.
    Enjoy !

    old jim
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    LOL. No, I just got distracted and went to bed, forgetting to add a link.

    In other words, the OP shouldn't be worried if it was just a dream. Now, if he is obsessed with such thoughts when he is awake, he might want to seek professional help.

    There is scientific study of the physiological effects of dreaming, not interpretations of their content.
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    More about the difference between scientific study of the effects of dreaming as opposed to non-scientifc "dream interpretation".

    This isn't science. That source isn't valid either, it's not on the list of acceptable sources. It's some guy's website.

    Not even close to true.

    Your "source" went to Harvard Divinity School for two years. He has an MA in Theological studies and an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology from Southwestern college.

    He does not even have a PhD.

    Dr Noll Currently is Associate Professor of Psychology at DeSales University.

    He has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

    He taught and conducted research at Harvard University for four years as a postdoctoral fellow and as Lecturer in History of Science. During the 1995-1996 academic year he was a Visiting Scholar at MIT and a Resident Fellow at the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology.

    Again, managing to pull a thread off topic with irrelevant comments.
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    Dierdre Barrett's own words:

    But we're getting procrustean here.

    Psychology is in same state as electricity three hundred years ago - almost a parlor game.
    There's much basic scientific work to be done.
  14. Apparently this happens to everybody. The only way it will ever be a problem for you is if you feel really guilty and weird about it, or if you try really really hard not to think about it, in which case you won't be able to think about anything else. It's normal, you're not sick, no worries.
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