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I had a dream

  1. Apr 14, 2006 #1
    ok so, the other night i was dreaming...

    i was in chicago, where i used to live, near my old house. my long time friend and boyfriend corey was driving an old big chey of some sort. we stopped at a gas staion near my old house. i noticed some funny inuiendo in him when he got out. i asked him are you high? and then i concluded that he was. corey isn't the type to do drugs and i am strongly opposed to it. i was ferious. i got out of the car and refused to get back in. i was sersiouly afriad for my life. corey drove away. i was left at the gas station thinking of who to call to come a save me. i was still afriad. then i thought i could walk home (to my old house). and as i was just about to cross main street, i thought that i would be killed. i awoke.

    to any one who is well versed in interpretation, what does this dream mean?
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    ill take a stab

    it sounds to me like you might be looking to commit for the long term whether you are aware of it or not but dont feel 100% secure about it. the only thing that is certain is that you are afraid of something. such a raw emotion in a dream is representative of what you really feel. anyways, it is pretty natural for a person to calculate all the things that can go wrong and to analyze escape methods: the gas station being fuel for the relationship as long term relationships require good management of its fuel, the thinking of who to call as ways you might be able to escape and the thought of having no one to help you if things go wrong, the big chevy potentially being your boyfriend building a potentially violent ego or something similar, the drugs being a reversal in his personality which does happen to people. the long term relations youve had with him so far probably relates to the old scenery.

    3 questions: what kind of car does he really drive? why did you think you would be killed when crossing the street? what time of day was it?

    hope this helps some
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    Oh c'mon, you can give diagnoses on what your sub-concious is trying to tell you based on your dreams! Ludicrous!
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    he drives an s10 gmc truck. i thought i was going to get killed because of the mulitude of cars. it was the afternoon. sunny warm weather.
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    Isn't it possible that your mind is just being creative?
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    Perhaps look at it at a more lucid point of view as well: when your thinking mind is in full control of your dream, what is your sub-concious trying to tell you?
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    i don't know!!
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    what do u think
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    It's just a dream. It doesn't matter what it "means".
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    Your subconscious is attempting to confuse you. Don't let it win! You're aware of its scheming plans. Let it know you're smarter than it and you won't be showed up.
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