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I hate computers

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    When ever i want to do some thing i have to down load some thing, only to find that some thing will not install, so i have to down load some thing to fix it, only to find that i should have down loaded some thing else first, only when i did that it said (this program is all ready installed on your computer) okay, but this program is not responding, so delete it and down load again, now i forgot what i wanted.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Take my wife, for example... Sorry, you said computer...

    {Just kidding dear o:)}
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    It is not so much of an issue with computes as it is with operating systems. If I had to guess you are using windows.
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    I think windows is using me, i have gone round in so many circles i can see my own backside.
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    I think you just killed your operating system Ivan :smile:
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    there are few computer problems for which a hammer will not find relief
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    Definitely a OS problem and not a computer problem. There are many many different OS's to choose from. Maybe you just haven't found the right one for you yet.
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    Even if you are using Windows, you can generally improve the experience by your choice of software. I run Vista on hardware that can handle it and it is totally pleasant with:

    Opera instead of Internet Explorer
    Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Reader
    VLC instead of windows media / real player / quicktime
    No itunes! Apple software blows on windows platforms!

    The only thing Windows can't be is secure, but other than that it can function quite well.
  10. Apr 19, 2009 #9
    I'm running Vista. For the most part it works just fine.
    I did once have a problem finding drivers for a particular bit of hardware. Why they would put an OS on a computer with hardware that does not have compatible drivers I'll never know.
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    I'm running Leopard on a dual-core Intel Mac. No problems, other than software compatibility which is improving every day.
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    "My car is making these noises!"

    "Maybe you should try a unicycle, or a blimp..."
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    This is actually one of my worst fears about going back to school. I'll be using my computer extensively, and I would hate having to go through a session of backing up data files and formatting.
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