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I hate essays!

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    It's sunday 7:40p.m and I have to write 2 essays, 3 pages each, based on 2 books and I haven't finished yet. It would be much easier to write about the 2 books only, but the topic is "In a dark time time, the eye begins to see..." and I'm completely stuck on the conclusion. I have no idea what to write in there. I got 4 paragraphs, and need the damn conclusion. I beg for help people. Would you be willing to toss some good ideas or examples my way? In a dark time, the eye begins to see... :cry:

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    Which two books?
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    Hehe, any books that are not really important here. The conlusion must be based on something from real life, and here I meet the biggest problem. Everything I knew about realizing the learning when being in tough situation is already included in my essay and I don't see a way to take it out, nor I don't want to take it out, because it seems very good to me. I'd like some people to lend me some ideas I don't know, or just any ideas and examples of what to write in conclusion. Bystander, help...
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    Gee, I wonder, I wonder, I wonder ....
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    Oh Bystander, can you wonder a little bit faster and throw out some good ideas?
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    I looked at some samples of other essays, and from what I saw, I must understand that conclusion is not anything new, but is rather a summary of all the pre-existing informations. I've just written my final conlusion.
    Thanks Bystander,
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    Gosh, we must write another essay for tomorrow, about 2 excerpts and the theme is 'natural environment.'
    How do you professionaly call essays where you write about some writings and a theme? Critical Essay? I know not.
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    In a dark time, the eye begins to see...

  10. May 25, 2006 #9
    ...scotopically :biggrin:

    rather tell me how professionals call essays like the one mentioned below. :tongue2:
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    I mean, the one mentioned above. 'Edit' button seems not to work for me..
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    Which essays, the ones written in the dark? They're not very good.
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    Nope. not the dark essays, but the one about natural environment based on to excerpts.

    Just in case, let me repeat the question do don't make any confusions.
    How do you professionaly call an essay where you write about some two excerpts or books and a theme
    The task says, write an essay about the natural environment based on 2 read excerpts (doesn't say so word by word, by similarly).
    And the problem is that I have no idea how to write such an essay, and I need an example of such, just to give me a notion of what it really should contain.
    And to find an example, I need a professional name.
    Thanks again Rach3
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    dammit! the edit button doesn't work!
    first line - should be 'to' instead of 'do'.
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    If you are writing it based on two excerpts from two different books then it sounds like a comparision essay to me. You can do it in a block or point by point form. Block is when you talk about each excerpt in the same paragraph (each point gets its own paragraph but you argue both opinions in the same paragraph) and point by point is when each point gets two paragraphs, one paragraph dedicated to the first excerpt and the other dedicated to the second. Put in quotes to develop your point and don't leave any detail unsupported.
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    George Jones

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    I, too, have been having trouble with left-clicking the edit button.

    I find that right-clicking the edit button still works - right-click the edit button and then left-click on either "Open Link in New Window" or "Open Link in New Tab".

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    Math Is Hard

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    I believe that you are writing a form of comparative essay:
    Look at how each author says the same thing, but with different words. You can also look at where the authors contrast with each other, and then analyze these points.
  18. May 26, 2006 #17
    Thanks Math Is Hard. I actually couldn't find any examples, of such essays on the net, and I was forced to write it myself, using the blind knowledge of essay-writing. I decided to do some introduction on the topic, (natural environment) and the rest, just explain how the literary works, relate to natural environment and how do they describe it. I assume, this will at least give me a 70. My usual essay grade.
    Also, what would you add to this introduction to make it better? Anyone? I'd like to hear some good ideas from you guys.

    Natural environment is every thing that exists around us. Animals, humans, trees, rivers, and even rocks are all part of the natural environment. Throughout history, there were many philosophers and scientists who tried to explain the role, and position of natural environment in our daily lives, beginning with Lamarck and Darwin and ending on the today's scientists. The natural environment is very important to us because it provides us with food, fresh air, water, and all various elements we use in daily lives, like paper, salt, and fossil-fuels. There are also many literary works trying to explain and show how the natural environment really is. The excerpt from Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel L. Carson and the poem In Trackless Woods by Richard Wilbur reveal the amazing natural environment.


    p.s I'd also like to hear some ideas about mathematics in nature. I wrote some, but maybe you know some others. Thanks,
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