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I hate going to a doctor !

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    I know doctors are doing great service to humanity all across the world, but I just hate going to a clinic or hospital, for myself or for others for that matter . I wouldn't call it a phobia or anything but I still hate going all the same.:grumpy:

    I am not embarrassed to say that I can't watch a surgical procedure or related aspects on TV. I guess I am just too sensitive to these kind of things .:frown:

    I have also more than once felt dizzy after a consultation with a doctor .
    The initial signs are sweating, and then blurring of vision due to loss of circulation, although I'm fully conscious and try my best to fight it .Quite unnerving
    *Runs and hides from Moonbear *

    I would say most of us would cringe at an appointment with the dentist but I guess my case is a bit extreme .

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    Albert Einstein
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    I have no problems with doctors nor dentists. :confused:

    You should see a doctor about that, ............oh wait, nevermind :rofl:
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    You should talk to a doctor about it arunbg
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    Take it easy, arunbg!
    Most doctors know about your condition(s) already, didn't you know that reading patients' journals is the favourite pastime of any self-respecting health official?

    They send each other the true "gems" they discover for mutual laughs&ridicule. :smile:
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    Yeah -- somewhat perhaps. :tongue:

    I don't mind the dentist - I even decline the novacaine. :biggrin:
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    It wont hurt (they) said, as they clamped a bloody great tap handle to the shaft, then started unscrewing it, Aghhhhhhhh:yuck: :biggrin:
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    Come on now, visiting a Urologist can be a fun and entertaining time :smile:
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    I recently had a root canal done and I was quite nervous when I read about the procedure earlier . It wasn't half as painful as expected. Phew!
    Taught me to brush my teeth better anyway :P

    I think it's an unconscious response to something I detest , that's all .
    Strangely, I also feel the same way when I so much as visit someone at the hospital or somethin.I feel quite helpless.I'm not a timid guy or anything by nature and this just annoys me .

    So am I the only one around who's sensitive to all medical programmes they show on the Discovery channel ?

    PS: You can call me Arun by the way.


    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    ~ Albert Einstein
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    Well in some ways you benefit going to a dentist (perhaps this is good reason for you to consider it less "painful" next time)...they usually recommend ice cream after every procedure :smile:
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    :rofl: Don't worry, I'm not an M.D. My patients say "Baaaaah" not "Ahhhh."

    One of my best friends is incredibly squeamish about blood. The worst is she grew up in a house full of medical professionals...her dad and two brothers are M.D.s and her mom was a nurse...so she was never spared the dinner time stories full of gore; probably why she's so darn skinny! Some people just can't stand the sight of blood. I'm not really sure why, but it happens.

    I had one student who would nearly pass out at the sight of a needle...not even to be used on her...just one sitting there. We had a lab exercise for them to learn to give rats injections, and as her lab partner drew up the syringe full of saline, I watched her turn pale, then run from the room. It took a LOT of coaxing to just get her back into the room. Eventually, she overcame this phobia and wound up working with me on one of my projects for a semester, and about all she did was take blood samples from goats. I think it actually helped when she saw that the animals weren't flinching, didn't even seem to notice they were being stuck.

    But, M.D.s are aware of your phobia. It's called white coat syndrome, I think. Next time you have to go to the doctor anyway, let him or her know about this. They will understand, and it's helpful so they don't misdiagnose you with something...for example, if you're getting really nervous just being there, they might have less reason to worry if your blood pressure is elevated than if you were cool as a cucumber and still had that same elevated blood pressure. In the first case, it would just be a nervous response, and the second, hypertension that needs treating. Sometimes it's also the uncertainty of things that makes it more stressful. If that's the problem, you could try asking more questions, and have the doctor explain more thoroughly what each test does and why it's done and what the results would show, etc. That might help you stay calmer.

    As for the blood, all I can suggest is don't look, and turn off the TV when it comes up with that "Viewer Discretion Advised" warning. :smile:
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    I think the sight of blood and illness reminds us of our own mortality, some people are fine with that and others aren't. I rest safe in the knowledge that I will live forever. :biggrin:
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    I certainly can not watch surgeries on TV. I can't stand anyone going through them too.

    I've been through so many that it makes me cringe when I here about it.

    Although I feel this way, I'm quite relaxed or very relaxed when going into surgery.

    The fact that the doctors are there to take care of you gives me no reason to be scared. I know it can be hard for some people, but somehow I was pretty much fine with it.

    Anyways, best of health for everyone.
  14. Jul 5, 2006 #13
    That's absolute bliss... o:)
  15. Jul 5, 2006 #14


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    A bone doctors fave tool, a black and decker, with hammer action.
  16. Jul 5, 2006 #15
    DOCTOR! WHERE!? :surprised :cry:
  17. Jul 5, 2006 #16
    I too hate going to docs but I rarely fall ill so I rarely need to go (visits to the eye doc to get my number checked, excluded). I too hate blood in real life but have real fun playing games on computer blasting away bots with the best of guns.
  18. Jul 5, 2006 #17
    Well, the picture in your profile kind of gives me the creeps .
    Do you mind changing that to something a bit more like your sweet self, and besides we can hardly see your face with that ..uh.. mask and apron.

    White coat syndrome, eh ? Funny I never get uncomfortable watching scientists during experiments .Maybe it should be named sthethoscope and scalpel syndrome .

    I have never felt that bad watching procedures on TV ( I usually change immediately), as compared to a visit to a hospital, where I can potentially go pale at any instant .

    I don't get ticked off by the mere sight of blood, rather watching someone sufferring is the cause. Bless those who warn so beforehand, but I always seem to catch the programme after the message has been displayed.

    Once after tuition classes, while I was preparing to go home, one of my classmates was suddenly overcome by epilleptic fits .It was one of my worst ordeals in this regard . Even as I tried not to look, I was completely overcome and nearly fainted .

    PS: I just read upon White Coat syndrome, and it doesn't seem like that is the case with me . The reference is mostly about high BP due to anxiety and nothing about lack of blood circulation, blurred vision and the like.

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    ~ Albert Einstein
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    That's the point. :biggrin: :rofl: Sorry, but nothing in my profile ever changes, so no need to look again. Just think of it as a Halloween costume if that helps.

    Ah, okay. Not many people experience this with complete strangers, but with someone you know, this makes a lot of sense. It's more the fear and concern and panic of not knowing what to do and having to stand by helplessly. Blood, cuts, injuries, cleaning wounds, performing surgeries, none of that bothers me at all, but the one time when I was still living at home and my mom came in from the backyard, her arm wrapped in a bloody rag, saying something about getting cut by the lawnmower, would I look at it and help her clean it...I got all woozy. It subsided once I saw the actual wound and realized that while it needed stitches and she needed a tetanus shot (off to the ER), it wasn't nearly so bad as what ran through my mind when I heard the words "cut" and "lawnmower" in the same sentence, and the damage done was concealed by a rag.

    You might consider getting some first-aid training if you've never had it. Some knowledge of what to do in an emergency might ease some of your fears in those situations by making you feel a bit less helpless. But, in a hospital setting, you somehow have to remind yourself that the people there ARE getting help, and have made it safely into the hands of the people who are trained to deal with whatever they've showed up with.

    You still should talk to your doctor about this. Maybe there is a way to help you at least get over the worst of the fear so that you can visit a sick relative in the hospital without passing out, or so it's noted in your records in case you ever need to be hospitalized or taken the ER...it'll be important for them to know this is a problem for you so they can take it into account when treating you.
  20. Jul 5, 2006 #19
    Well then I must figure among the "not so many people" .That was the guy's first day in class .We had spoken little during the class, so he was quite a stranger to me. However, the fits were of a very violent nature, and I am sure would have made most people uncomfortable.

    Yep, it's a halloween costume ...it's a halloween costume ...it's a hospital costume ...
    I think I'm okay now.
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