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I hate going to school.need your suggestions

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    i am studying in 12th standard.till now i dont even have a single friend.whenever i try to talk with my classmates,they always try to ignore me.i always try to be kind.i also have a sense of humour but they pay less attention to my cliche humour.though they act like friends they always avoid me.they always find pleasure in teasing me.they always consider me as the comedian of the class.i am always alone and i feel lonely.sometimes they also use swear words and abusive language on me and i feel myself getting disgraced.they consider me as the worst guy in the world.they always speak that i am the one who is bad and i am the one who need to change.because of this i am not able to concentrate on my studies and i am getting very poor marks.

    please help me.what should i do?how do i overcome my sad feelings and start studying?
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    You should talk to a counselor or psychologist.
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    This may sound like bad advice, but have you considered a hobby? I once was like you and had no friends, so I really got into reading and music. That helped me cope with loneliness, and eventuality helped me find real friends with common interests. :cool:
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    :( aww.. I know how you feel, don't worry though, just remember, you study and get on with life, you will end up good. People who bully and tease you don't know that they are going to end up somewhere bad and not have a good life. You don't have to impress anyone, just yourself. Take deep breaths and keep calm. No reactions no nothing. Find a hobby or something and meet people from there. I mean, what have you got to lose? :) talk to someone you are comfortable with to take that "weight" off your chest. It's ok to see someone, nothing wrong with that. Good luck!
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    jim hardy

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    Rudeness is a weak person's imitation of strength.
    A quiet sort of kindness is the real thing.

    Look for real people. They're the ones you don't notice at first.
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    No no no, I am the worst person in the world. I had a similar thing in school, but my problem was that I had a humongous ego, I never let anyone get the last laugh on my expense, even when it had to get personal - I loved crushing others. As you can guess, I was pretty much the loner, classmates ignored me out of fear.

    Well, here's the thing, your image is already created so-to-speak - unless you literally pull a rabbit out of the hat, not much is going to change with you and your classmates. You can try and speak with a shrink and see what comes of it.

    I am somewhat against "acting" all kind and lovely just to get some bonus points, but that's just my problem I guess - I am polite, but I prefer to be in control. This facade business and nice-guyness doesn't suit me. I Have tried, but it didn't work - meaning, act like "yourself".

    At some point you need to tell yourself "F*** it!". You can't concentrate, because someone tells you are the one who needs to change.

    Let me translate that for you: "You need to change, because I think I know everything." So in a way, they accuse you of insulting others while they are insulting you - there's a word for that - hypocrisy.

    I can't tell you to get over it and/or deal with it, since it never works, but you need to have ego, bro :/ School's about to be out, *f* the others and get your schoolwork done. I know you mean well when you try and be nice with people, but drop the act.

    Oh and don't think your classmates are the culprits and that it isn't your own fault, too. We can all thrash your classmates till the end of the world, I don't know them, I don't want to either, I don't care - but regardless, you can't blame them.
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    It is good to see new replies but my school life is over. As i had already mentioned in the other post that i am preparing for JEE Advanced right now. Thanks anyways.
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    Oh that's great - insert memo "do not reply to threads without checking the threat-started-at-date".

    Well, good to know you got yourself back in gear.
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    Anytime :)
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    I hope and think that this is based on his other posts as well, but he posted most of his more-absurd posts after you two posted... In that case, why would you recommend a socially awkward person to a psychologist?
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    This thread appears to be done.
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