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I hate making STUPID MISTAKES!

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    so i was in my bed replaying some of the problems on tuesday's 150 point chemistry exam i had. I kept trying to figure out some olf the reasons i had trouble with certain problems. In the process of doing this, i realized that i made a stupid mistake on a problem i thought i had gotten right!!! I checked my work when i was done with the test, so im kind of upset i didnt catch this :(. my goal is an A in this class, so i cant afford stupid mistakes like this. anybody have any tips? i have currently been doing this in math too. i have trouble adding fractions LOL.
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    1. Don't worry as you cant change it now. Worring about this sort of thing leads to stress, and stress WILL make you ill. Believe me I know.

    2. Don't make the mistake again.

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    Yes. If you know at least two different methods of making a calculation, then use a different method to check than you did on the initial calculation. It's too easy to remember the intermediate answers you got along the way. You feel like you're checking your answer, but you're actually just repeating your steps, including the incorrect ones. If you use a completely different method, even if something as simple as changing whether you do the multiplication or division first, it changes the process so the check is actually unique.
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    Welcome to the club.
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    Hell yes!!!

    OK it turns out, in worrying about my score on my test, i actually remembered the problem wrong, and thats why i came out with a different answer in my bedroom. i guess doing a problem in your sleep isnt the best approach, especially when youre stressing that you got a C on the exam.

    a total of 19 students took the exam, and 12 out of those 19 students got below a 70!!
    i know of 3 students who got below a 20! and only 3 students including me, got above a 90 with me being the highest.

    i still am making stupid mistakes for math though , with transforming trig graphs lol.
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    Re: Hell yes!!!

    Big, big congrats, sportsstar!

    We might have to change your user name to Chemistrystar :approve:.
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    After solving 50 similar problems, you wouldn't make stupid mistakes under any circumstance hopefully. e.g. How well you can walk without tripping every few steps?
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    "Stupid mistakes" is the biggest obstacle for an ambitious mind to succeed.

    We all are facing this problem to some degree. However, if we do not try to fix this, our endeavors could be jeopardized. After thinking about this a bit, I found that the largest reason I get problems wrong is MENTAL DISORGANIZATION, you must learn not just "knowing the subject" but that can actually relate it to knowledge and experience.
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