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I Hate Tests!

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    I hate tests. Last thursday I had a criminal Justice test, which I studied 2days for, I think I did ok on it though (Above 85%). Today I had my thermogoddammics test. I studied about 25 hours for that test. The teacher said before hand not to feel bad if we did not finish in time. There were only two problems and he said if you get about 85% be very happy because that's an A. I finished all the problems, so hopefully I got at least a 65% on the exam, which would mean a low C. Most people did not finish or were not sure about what they did. Damn that class is hard :grumpy: Now I get to study my ass off for my stat test on Thusday, and then I get to study my ass off after that exam for my Electronics class. Isn't school life such fun!.............no its not I was being ironical. Ranting is fun though.

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    Math Is Hard

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    why are you taking that class? Just curious.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    I call my French 2 class "Francais Duh". I have a test for that class this week and some kind of quiz in biology tonight. Yeah, tests are really a pain aren't they? What I hate the most are the slow-grading teachers. I always go crazy waiting for the score. My chem teacher was awesome. She always graded our papers right after the test. Loved her!!!:!!)
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    I can't even remember the last time I had a test. All of my classes are seminars, which means read, discuss, write response papers, and for the larger assignments, write thesis papers (not a masters, just 10 pages or so with a thesis).
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    Is it easy? I remember the days when French was easier (I'm taking French 5 AP right now). Do you plan to continue learning French after this year?
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    Math Is Hard

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    It's not too bad. I call it Francais Duh, because it's a 4-hour-long Saturday morning class, and near the end of hour 4 my attention span is completely shot. So, if the teacher calls on me, I have little more to say than "duhhh.." or more correctly "euh..." ::biggrin:
    AP French 5, huh? Whew! I have to knock out one more quarter of French after this one and then my language credit will be complete. I'm not 100% sure, but I think everyone at UCLA has to do three quarters of a foreign language.
    It is fun, though. I think I would like to pick it up again after I finish my degree. Maybe then I could do some of the fun conversational classes. My teacher is really cool. She was Tom Cruise's language coach during the filming of Interview with the Vampire. :smile:
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    I'd like to continue French in college later this year-- I just have to figure out how to schedule it into my busy year in engineering! I also wanted to do a minor in mathematics but I have no clue how I can make room for the minor, French, and engineering courses...
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    Sweetness, 92% on my crim test.
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