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I hate this guys guts!

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    orange glo
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    Um, don't watch TV. :rolleyes:

    Or avoid indulging in Infomercials. :uhh:
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    I dont watch tv. But I found this channel called "Ovation" that has art and music on it, and its done quite well. But I watch about an hour of tv after around 2 am or so. Its always a commerical with this clown.

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    Like Astro suggests, don't watch TV if you don't like the irritating crap that finances it. Commercials are 'way loud and the infomercials are worse. Pay for the entertainment that you enjoy. I have a carousel CD player with 400 CDs in it (many of which are duplicates of albums that I have bought, some several times as I wore them out). That player does not hold all my music collection (not by a long shot!), but I can set that sucker to "random", "all disks" and have non-stop, commercial free music (all stuff that I WANT to hear) all day long. I watch the local and national news on TV, and perhaps the news on PBS, then the idiot box goes dark until the next day.
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    Its not a station that plays music. Fox example, yesterday I was watching a program about a girl who is a professional classical violinist. She was explaining how she has to adjust her finger spacing when playing certain songs because of how the piece was originally written for a man who had longer fingers than her, etc. Her name is Hilary Hahn.

    The other movie I watched on that station was Pollock, which was quite good. But every time it was commercial time, OXYCLEAN OXYCLEAN!!!!

    And I hate how he calls people FOLKS. HEY FOLKS, FOLKS FOLKS FOLKS. Who calls eachother folks? I hate it.
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    I didn't suggest that the TV station was a music station. If you don't like to pay (through subscription or watching ads) for your media, don't watch it. Advertisers are paying to have your eyes on the the shows that they sponser.
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    I pay for cable tv. I like the programs. Im complaining about the commercial. I didnt say I dont like paying for it. And im not complaining about all commericals, but this guy in particular.

    Here is a clip.
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    Cy, you're no dummy, by a long shot. You know that your basic cable package has a lot of low-cost channels that are subsidized by commercials and infomercials. You have to decide how much crap you are willing to absorb (or ignore) to watch the programming you want. Crabbing about it won't help.
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    Yeah but come on, OXYCLEAN!!!

    Ahhh, I really really hate that guy :cry:

    You're listening to some lovely bach, and then it goes to commercial and you hear that!

    How do people not complain about these types of commercials!?!??
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    I watch cable tv, but I always record the shows on the dvr box and watch them later so that I can zap the commercials. Commercials are annoying.
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    have pity on the poor guy---his entire family is hard of hearing
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    This guy really is annoying...I can't believe how many people listen to him, and actually buy his products. It's almost like he is brainwashing them....:eek:
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    what are you talking about Cyrus! that guys is the greatest! he always livens my day AND my bathroom.

    does he have a fan club? I want to join the that guy fan club!
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    I think a lot of people grew up in families where the parents yelled at the kids to 'clean up your room!!', 'pick up that dirty laundry!!'-----he's taking over and saying 'BUY THIS STUFF!!''---(and people listen and do as he says)

    (it works for picking up some women at the bars too:rofl:)
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    Do me a favor, hold his hand while he jumps infront of a bus will ya?
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    (he does make his share of money though)
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    They just need to regulate the volume, they shouldn't allow a commercial to be twice as loud as the program its embedded in.
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    "apply To The Forehead"
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    Technically they don't increase the volume. The commercial is not allowed to be any louder than the loudest part of the program you are watching but whereas the program varies the volume to add nuance the commercial doesn't and so although the peak is no louder the average volume is.
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