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I hate Wal Mart, but

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I don't approve of many of Wal Mart's business practices, esp when it comes to issues like benefits, hours per week, rate of pay, etc, as they are driving the employment market to poverty as the norm, however, I sure do love the warehouse concept.

    I ran out of paint one night at around 11PM, so I drove to Wal Mart, got the paint, went through the self-checkout, and was home in barely more than the time it took to drive there. It's so strange to walk in a store and buy something not only late at night, but to never even interact with a person! Very odd... but the convienence is hard to beat. Also, I had to buy a jigsaw today. Even though I would gladly pay more for quality products, the cheapest was only $13!!! I could hardly believe it. Not that long ago the cheapest saw like this would have been at least $25-$30. Amazing.

    I had to buy the saw at Wal Mart because they have driven everyone else who would sell them in town, out of business.
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    Hi, I'm Evo and I shop at Walmart. :redface:

    When my coffee creamer costs $1.85 at the grocery store and .98 cents at Walmart, I'm shopping at Walmart. They have don't always have good produce, but for everything else, the savings is significant, usually around a dollar per item. I can buy a whole roasted chicken in their deli for $3.98, the same chicken at the grocery store deli is $5.98.

    I love the self checkouts. I can go in there looking grungy and not have to interact with other humans. :approve:
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    That's odd. I was pretty sure that they usually pay above minimum wage and employ most of their employees full time. Or maybe that's just the ones around here.
    When I worked at Target way back when they only paid minimum and made sure that I never worked a full time schedule.
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    Hmmmm, we don’t have self check outs at any of the wal marts I know about. One thing we do have is about 50 separate cashier stations, with only maybe 5 operating at a time, each with long lines.

    I remember they used to have those lawyer commercials on the air talking about wal-mart/Sams locking employees in the store over night.

    I like Wal-mart, they let me buy spray paint, when most other stores wont. Even though the stupid cashiers cant do the math (“so if you were born in 1987, how old are you? 18, ok”).
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    Reminds me of a quote:
    "I don't like seeing an entire race being enslaved, however, they sure can pick cotton." ~Jim Crowe
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    before everyone starts yelling at me, I'm not racist. Don't you see the comparison? comedy by exaggeration.
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    Did the crickets worry you Trib?
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    Wal-Mart has bad company policy but an overall nice store. Kmart on the other hand. That place decided to hire every non-English and English speaking retard they could find. I think that place is a convention center for the stupid. That place is so craptastic that they don't bother to properly shelve merchandise. Everything is all over the place, nothing is sorted out properly. It was like a zoo. The cashiers would take 20 mins to ring up 3 freaking people. Just pathetic.

    Target is nice. Sears is the best for tools though. Never buy cheap tools. Always get an expensive tool that will last forever.
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    Don't be an enabler. There are stores here where prices are very cheap, that's because the producers where the products are coming from are practically stolen of their products. I'd rather pay a little more for fair trade. If you don't like the morals/standards, don't participate :smile:
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    it was funny though?
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    Yeah, it reminded me of Boondocks.
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    We still have K-Mart on Guam. Its actually the largest K-Mart in the world too. Its pretty big.
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    Im so sorry to hear that.
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    good place for it though
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    i've always heard people say great things about working at walmart, i applied there...

    at any rate, you hear about those two walmart movies that came out? one's pro walmart, the other is anti... apparently they're both available at walmart.
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    My experience with WalMart tools is that if you need the tool for just a small project and probably will never need it again, it works out cheaper than renting, but if you actually think it's something you'll use often and want it to last, it won't; you're better off buying something of better quality elsewhere. When I was in Michigan and Ohio, they had stores called Meijer's that actually had more than WalMart, but of about the same quality, and they were open 24 hours...I loved that store when something would break late at night and I needed to buy something to repair it in a hurry. I couldn't always find everything I needed to complete the job, but could always find enough to patch it until the other hardware stores opened in the morning.

    I haven't seen a WalMart with groceries. We had a Super KMart when I lived in MI, but I never liked buying any groceries at that one...everything was wrapped up in plastic on foam trays, so you couldn't tell if there was a bad spot on the hidden side of your produce (and usually there was)...but that store was great; nothing like the KMarts I've seen in some other states.

    Everywhere I've lived, WalMarts are dumps. I've had to resort to WalMart shopping on a few occassions since moving here...it's a small town, so there isn't a lot of choices of places to shop, and sometimes WalMart is the only place I know will have something I need. I end up so irritated in that store...the idiots working there always have half the aisles clogged up with carts of merchandise they haven't gotten around to stocking yet, the aisles aren't quite wide enough for two shopping carts to pass, especially when there's always something lying in the middle of the floor, you can barely even walk between the racks in the clothing department, and the store is FILLED with the world's slowest moving people who block the few aisles that aren't already blocked with merchandise. :grumpy:
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    Yes!, Moonbears hatred for Wal-Mart is my hatred for Kmart! Screw those stores. I like a mom and pop hardware store any day. They know about what they are selling. You don’t get some stupid 16 year old who can't spell his own name point in a general direction and say "I think it’s over there uh,...........duhhhhh" Mom and pop stores are always better. More expensive, but you get what you pay for. Speaking of produce, this is what I really don't understand about the US. Why is it you can walk into a supermarket and NOT SMELL a damn thing! That place should be exploding with smell of fruit, meat and vegetables. You only get that when you go to a real, small mom and pop country grocery.
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    Really? I have the opposite impression. When I worked as a cashier at Target (from May 2003 - August 2004), I started off at around $7 / hr. By the time that I ended, I was making almost $9 / hr. Not too bad for a 17 / 18 year old. Most people worked there worked full time (the only major exception being the cashiers, many of whom were in high school or college), and even though I only worked part-time, I still got some benefits (dental, a week of paid vacation per year, and some meager health).
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    Perhaps they have gotten better then.
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    are you talking about sam's club which is the warehouse brother of walmart? or walmart itself?

    if youre shopping at a warehouse youre better off choosing costco. they have good selection, a lenient return policy, take good care of their employees - pays them well, great benefits, etc.. and the ceo is not some greedy money grubbing corporate entity, and is a democrat :biggrin:
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