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I have a crazy theory

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    i know this is probably REALLY stupid, but i guess i just have a need to be ridiculed...so here goes.

    What if, through all the hard work and strain, everyone has forgotten one simple aspect of the fabric matter: surface tension.
    Imagine a large piece of fabric held tight at all ends. When a nine pound bowling ball (a star) is rolled onto the fabric (space/time), a depression is made. When small marbles (planets) are placed on the fabric, they gravitate toward the larger ball. If enough speed and fabric is used, you can create an orbit like that of Earth, Mars or Even Pluto (I’d like to see you try that one). Now, if one removes the nine pound ball and replaces it with a ball the same weight, but only smaller, like a shot-put ball, the depression it makes is greater because the pounds per square inch increases tremendously. To make the point even greater, place a nine pound molecule on the fabric. Chances are that the thin piece of fabric won’t hold up under the pressure the molecule exerts on the small area in which the nine pounds rests.
    The fabric stretches when the molecule is put onto the fabric. Eventually, the molecule strains so much against the surface tension of the fabric, it rips through the sheet, creating a bounce back effect, making a ripple through the fabric, just like a super nova does through space/time, leaving a hole. Here comes the tricky part. With that hole left in space/time, a distortion is made in space that makes its presence known to the surrounding object, just like it’s still there, if not greater. As other objects fall into the newly made hole, it continues to grow and grow and grow until, after billions of years, it has sucks so many stars in that other stars have lined up to go on a one way trip into the forth dimension.
    I may be crazy or just not informed enough in my studies to understand this type of physics. But at some point, every hypothesis should at least be looked at to test its validity? And besides, you never know until you ask.
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    In before the lock :biggrin:
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    Your theory fails because we all know a molecule would pass trough a sheet off fabric without making a hole.The distance between the individual strings of the sheet is much greater then a molecule.Duh :uhh:
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    You need to learn the difference between an analogy for how something works and a description of how something works.
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    its an analogy. of course a molecule would fall between the fabric of a sheet. imagine the theads of the sheet are tighter than a molecule if you like.
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    the irony...
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    The essence of your theory is what? That's the single question you've failed to answer.
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    Well that would be a really damn good quality sheet and it would not break only because 9 pounds of force. Considering that the fibers are flexible the the nine pound molecule would still pass trough the sheet without making a hole. Another important factor is what exactly is the nine pound molecule.Does it contain carbon or oxygen? Does it react chemically with the the sheet? . Is the sheet blue or orange?
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    Discussion of Personal theories is against PF rules.

    Thread locked.
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