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I have a doubt

  1. Sep 16, 2005 #1
    I have a doubt....

    Hi, I want to know, why do we use tanks with cylinder forms for fuel transportation and not with another geometric form, like a 3D rectangle (i dont know the english word for it.... :smile:) ?

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    well, in some cases, tanks are spherical in shape.

    i think that one issue is, given a fixed volume to contain, selecting a shape that minimizes surface area. the sphere would be the absolute best but a cylynder is better than a rectanguloid or whatever the english word is.

    another reason is that corners and (welded) joints are bad for tanks, particularly those under pressure.
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    The cylinder maximizes the volume for a given amount of metal while remaining
    a practical form to take down a road. A large sphere towed from the back of a truck
    would have trouble going down narrow roads.

    Cylinders are also much stronger than boxes.
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