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Homework Help: I have a germanium question

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    i have to find 5 facts about germanium-72. Does the 72 atomic mass change it chemically or just the neutron weight. Im not sure what my teacher is looking for by asking for five facts. In the book it says eka silicone...does that mean silicone is made of it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    i put it has a melting point of 945 deg celcious it has a grey metal appearance it is a metalloid it was given the nickname eka silicone by dmitri ivanovich mendeleev and its atomic number is 32 are those correct?
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    This is clearly a homework question. Note that we do not do students homework for them here at PF: in future, you need to show some effort before we will help you.
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    How was i not putting forth effort? They are listed in my second post and I simply do not know if they are correct. I didn't ask anywhere for anyone to post me 5 facts. Your post is rude and unhelpful.
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    Close enough. Those facts are for naturally-occurring germanium, not just germanium-72. Have you found anything specific to germanium-72?
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