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I have a huge jigsaw puzzle to assemble

  1. Nov 19, 2003 #1
    I have a huge jigsaw puzzle to assemble. I start by looking through the pieces and see if there are pairs I can join. Then, I look through the pairs and see what other pieces I can add on. The size of my assembled pieces grows and their number shrinks. I am using the algorithmic paradigm called...
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    Herb Simon (Nobel laureate) had something called the "Watchmaker's" paradigm. I wonder if that's what you have in mind. He was a neat guy---I worked as a research assistant for him for a while
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    The greedy algorithm.

    P.S. Would you indicate which answer was correct if someone posts multiples. (like brainteaser 65)
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    Divide and Conquer algorithm
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    Robert Zaleski with the point!
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