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I have a layman's question about a temporary/dissociating crystal

  1. Dec 5, 2011 #1
    My apologies if my questions are not formatted with conventional terms or this question is in the wrong location.

    I recently had the plug to a heating pad short out and melt.

    The reason I posted this here is because I noticed some very long thin crystals that grew on the surface of the power strip, thinner than human hair, white, they almost completely dissociated (?) in ten minutes.

    They were also lined up, ( grew under ) the power cord itself, I was assuming it was attracted by electrical/magnetic forces ?

    Are there forms of any known materials that have temporary ( room temp and normal sea-level pressure ) crystal lattice forms ?

    I have never heard/read about any crystal that simple evaporates into thin air ?

    I've spent hours on Wiki reading about crystal growth, etc, am somewhat familiar with things, but never anything like this.

    I know you'll probably yank the thread, but can you at least point me in the direction where I might find an answer ?



    PS, there are a few fragments left, but they are not the spectacular tall clusters of needle-like formations they were.

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