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I have a lot of interests but nothing narrowed down yet

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1
    I just turned 24, and i am about to attend te university of Maryland in fall. Ever since i was young I've loved art, i have been drawing as far back as i can remember. My artwork ranges from landscapes to abstract. Whatever career i choose it has to allow me to be creative. I also have a love for science and things that are technical, i constantly watch the science channel and browse through this website. Though my math skills aren't the greatest, when i understand mathematics i find it to be beautiful. I especially like geometry for the artistic qualities it possesses. Mathematically i have gone a little beyond trigonometry. And may take calculus soon for the major that i deiced upon. Physics has been interesting me recently, though it's the mathematics that stumps me time and time again. I was thinking of doing something in the computer science field because that's where the money seems to be and where the future of the world is leading more and more. Anyways what do you think i should do for a career, any advice anyone has is welcomed.

    Thank you!
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