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I have a major dilema here

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    I have a little bit of heart burn. And I have one tums left. I really want to be a lazy bum and not leave home. I could take the tums now and get rid of the heartburn now, but what if I get really bad heart burn later? I could suffer through the minor pain now and take the tums later if it gets worse. I don't know what to do.
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    do you have any baking soda at home?
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    lol, you're funny.
    baking soda.
    I have soda
    I have an oven
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    well you can use that as a antiacid :)
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    not if you don't have any
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    doesn't lye neutralize acid?
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    oh how about soap? I've got soap
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    try to eat a bar of soap and let us know how it works:approve:

    eat a ****load of fruit if you have any.
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    Do you have blackboard-chalks?
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    You can derive a decision rule based on the expected strengh of each attack, and your discount value.
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    Monkeys in southeast Asia have made themselves a nuisance by stealing and swallowing pieces of charcoal, which is the local cooking fuel. It also absorbs stomch acid, which is why, it is speculated, they swallow it. If you're ever caught out in the wilderness with an upset stomach, make a fire and swallow some of the charcoal left over.( Wait till it is cooled, of course. Also: don't try this with commercially made barbecue charcoal, especially the self-starting kind.)
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    This is tribdog you're talking to...you should know you should have put that disclaimer right at the top, in BIG BOLD letters! By the time he gets to the last sentence of your post, he'll have already swallowed at least three bbq briquettes! :surprised

    I say take the Tums now. If the heartburn comes back worse, you'll be more motivated to go out and get more. If not, just remember to swing by the nearest store on your way out to pick up your next drive-thru meal. That Mexican place you go to should sell antacids as a side-dish. :rolleyes:
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    wow, I don't know which tastes worst. Red Devil, Dial or Kingsford.
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