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I have a problem in belt conveyor -- Please Help

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    Hi, everyone
    I have a mechanical problem I hope someone can help me out
    The project of internship is "Normalization of belt in a belt conveyors" , I explain ; the factory where I'm now have 69 conveyors each one use a belt different from the other , so my goal is to reduce the number of belt used by upgrading the quality of the belt used ( for example 1 belt for 2 or 3 conveyors ).

    please If anyone can help me , or gave me any indication , I really need it so bad .
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    I want to mention that those conveyors are used in cement industry.
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    Take this with a large grain of salt, but why can't you group them by length and width of belt. Then see if it would be acceptable to use the same material of belt for as many conveyors as possible. Then find 1 local big supplier who can provide all of them.

    Its possible, over time as production orders new machines, it could be from different suppliers who used a different brand of belt. Maybe your goal should be to find a supplier who can provide for all of your conveyors.

    I've seen sometimes that companies that want to have a machine built for them, they provide us a list of permitted manufacturers. The aim is to be able to order replacement parts, without having to go to multiple sources.
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