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I have a problem

  1. Apr 25, 2004 #1
    is there anything that i could do to force a 3d game -full screen into a drag able window?
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    Cracking that soft, changing the code, compiling again, using the recently compiled soft can help you deal with what you are actually asking...
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    i m not good at any codes.....
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    Aside from the video configuration came with the game, you may try to download Win9x simulator software from Microsoft, it is made for win2k/xp, with it you can configure what enviroments you wish the game to be run in. Again, it is recommended to do such configurations from the game options if possible.
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    some games have a -window command line option which makes them, well, a small window you can drag around. i dont know if thats what you wanted but i cant figure out what else you would. RTFM, dude.
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    great thx but I cant find that software =(
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    Try to google "FF7 for Winxp patch" in Google. It is the same patch I mentioned above.
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    final fantasy 7?
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