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I have a question Magnetar/Earthquake/Tsunami

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    Is it possible, that the wave of radiation from the Magnetar pulse of Dec 27, pushed something else out in front of it, that caused the earthquake, that caused the Tsunami, of Dec 26th? I see two intense events, happening at virtually the same time, is it possible that there is a connection between the two things? Try to not just kill me off, for asking such a thing, eh?
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    No. (this message is too short)
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    The disturbance of the magnetar traveled at the speed of light. It did not pushing anything before it. That would require something (like a gravity wave) traveling faster than the speed of light. But then why would the earthquake be so localized?

    The earthquake off Sumutra seems to be just a continuation of some seismic and volcanic activity in the western Pacific (Ring of Fire), with the extension into the Indian Ocean parallel with Indonesia.

    The two events are coincidental with no apparent dependence of the former with the latter.
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