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I have a question

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    Someone told me that if earth was a black hole it would be the size of an apple, if matter can be squeesed down to this point than what is every thing that we interact with every thing around us, empty space?
    I was thinking, there is space around earth, inside earth, around my house, inside my house, around this apple, inside this apple, space around those atoms in this apple, space inside those atoms, space around those particles inside those atoms. so space is around and inn every thing.
    is there a point where space don't pass or does space divide every thing?
    what is the physical part of the universe and what is the difference between matter, energy and space?
    for some of you this question maybe obvious but i'm having trouble comprehending it.
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    Space is that which most of us want more of so that we can apply energy to and thereby move matter (objects including ourselves) to places in space that we perfer them to be?
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    what is the smallest point in space how deep can it be measured how deep can it go is it infinite is it infinitely small?
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    I am not surtin but I believe string theory states a smallest point.
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    for the time being no low limit was found for space, it contiuos as far as we know, but some theories suggest plank length as the smallest length, we are far from having enough energy to check this though...
    and by the way.. because you dont actualy have particles at a specific point, "empty space" is just where the probabilty to find matter is low.
    an electron bound to a nuclei is actually almost everywhere, but the probabily to find it around some distance is much greater then in others...
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    ok thanks for your explanations, but empty space, empty space haw deep can it go is there a limit or is it infinite?
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    many years ago i have read smt about spaceshape i dont know it is refuted or not. anyway...
    he was saying that we are like little creatures living on a baloon (actually in the plastic part not outside or inside) so the creatures are not aware of the 3 dim or highest dimensions if they decide to go end of the world they will reach to the same point but they are so small so they couldnt do
    therefore they will believe their space is infinite....
    i couldnt remember the details and unfortunately the name of the writer
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