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I have a question

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    How do I determine what work of fiction (a book) would a specific person like? For example lets say I see this person walking on the street and I need to determine what type of fiction books he would like. I have to write an essay about this for my AI class and I have no idea how to do that.
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    Are you allowed to talk to the person? Or just rely on stereotypes like it's a guy, he probably likes westerns or crime, the lady must be into romance novels, and so on?

    Or can you asssume you know their Myers-Briggs scores? I => scifi,...
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    Sounds like you could do that by making generalizations based on what he/she wears, his body language, style, etc.. If I were you I'd go against the stereotpyes because I could see that whole thing turning into a big discussion on how judgemental people are. :)

    Maybe you can start out by saying how you'd go about deciding the book based on impression, and then later how you could be wrong about your assumptions. Give some examples of that (idea: seeing yourself through another person's eyes)... oh, and be sure to throw in some nice metaphors and such :redface: . Like a cherry on top of a toasted pie my dear friend. :smile:
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    Casual conversation should work. At least, that is how I am able to somewhat figure out what people may like, but this isn't necessarily always the case. There are always exceptions (like a rare instance where you see an archetypal cowboy who loves to read gothic stuff). You may have to rely on generalizations like emotionalmachine said, should be enough to get a somewhat statistical result.
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    But if this is going to wind up an AI application (not the Op's class) then casual conversation is as big a challenge as cold reading.
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    Profiling does work to some extent, for highly abnormal personality types.
    For example, organized and disorganized serial killers will (stalker/snatcher distinction (or, alternatively acting in a planned manner vs. an impulsive manner)), in general have different personalities and preferences.

    For normal personality types, profiling is rudimentary at best, if not wholly non-existent.
    To profile reading interests on basis on clothing, gait and appearance seems rather far-fetched, IMO.
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    meet unmet needs - that's the key

    Hi Flatland,
    Humans are animals. All animals invariably act to meet their unmet needs. Determine what the unmet need(s) of your reader are. Then determine what works of fiction or non-fiction or whatever would meet those needs. For help, see Dr. Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of human Needs". Proceed systematically. This problem can be successfully solved. Figure it out!

    Peace and love,
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