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I have a question

  1. Sep 9, 2014 #1
    I am interested in space. I want to become a great scientist and work on stars, planets, black holes, galaxies and possibility of life in space. Which disciplines would be correct for me to choose?

    By the way i am 13 years old and not a native speaker. Sorry for my bad english.
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    Thanks for answering my question.
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    What is the biggest foundation for astrophysical studies? CERN or NASA?
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    I'd have to say NASA as it deals with issues of space travel and space exploration:


    vs CERN which specializes in particle physics:


    for your interest you probably need to look into major universities like Princeton, Harvard or MIT or UCLA, or UC Berkeley or even UT at Austin. There are other esteemed universities in UK and in Europe and other countries as well.
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    Thanks again.
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