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I have a quiz -_-

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    (( sorry my english is limited))

    I am a bioPhysics student.

    I have a quiz next week,but my textbook has no examples about the topics.

    i need to more examples ....please help me
    ((books ...examples...websites......etc)).

    my exam is about body mechanics(center of mass ,,,ststic equilibrim,,,,center of mass of human,,,the froce,,,the torque,,,levers and mechanical advantage).
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    This is too broad a request. It is not possible to learn the topics you mention in one week. All I can suggest going to a library and taking a look at a general physics textbook to get an idea about what to specifically ask.
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    Thank you.
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    Please help me
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    I would suggest visiting your professor and asking him about the subjects.
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    You can start out at wikipedia and follow some of their links for more reading/examples:


    That is good advice.
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