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I have adobe acrobat installed

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    i have adobe acrobat instaled but there are a lot of thing
    i can not view, is there any free software i can download
    that can allow me to accsess theese files?
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    what type of files can't you open?
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    the only files i can open are PDF nothing else will, i always
    get a message "your computer is not able to open this file"
    or words to the same effect.
    thanks for any help.
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    If some of these files that you're referring to are in Postscript format (i.e. have a .ps extension) then, yes Acrobat will not read them.

    But, if you are referring to .ps files then you can use GSView along with Ghostscript to view these files.

    They programs can be found here:

    Ghostscript translates the postscript file and allows you to view them using the DOS commandline. However, this can be tedious in Windows (assuming you're using windows). GSView is a GUI that runs on top of Ghostscript allowing you to view/print just like any other windows app.

    If you're not referring to .ps files then the above free programs are still good to have in your arsenal of application tools.

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    many thanks REDROGUE.
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