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I have an eternal life.

  1. Feb 13, 2004 #1
    Nothing needs to be the same, neither place, matter, way of thinking, being, looking or anything else before as after you get unconscious,
    (which include dying). When you die you forget everything, thereby you remember nothing about your earlier life, when you slowly begin to wake up.

    When the quantum ether has fallen back to it's earlier energylevel in obvious chaos, an identical visible universe will form somewere in the neverending universe, within which gravity rules independently,
    but if there is not a neverending amount of placements for a particle within an area larger than the particle itself, this statement predicts itself.

    The universe would not be neverending. But ofcourse it is, the universe is not the creation of a computers, that's like believing in big giant computer that created all things. like believing that a particle with the diameter 1 m only could move into 1 meter squares (unfortunately impossible since there is no ups and downs in space; no direction of the ether).

    Since it's true, a person, in detail identical to you will somewere in the universe do things identical to what you did. But there are also universes were he did other things instead, were he looked in other ways, thought in another way, were somewere else, were another creature even, did succed, did not etc. my conclusion is that you can become anything alive in your next life. That's why you are supposed to be nice to all creatures.

    Can someone short this down a bit?
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    Pardon me, but your theories seem too "spiritual". Your false evidence never really convinces me, mainly because it cannot be proved by any experiments anybody would try. It simply relies on you saying that there is reincarnation, and that you can live forever. If a person can be born again as a different entity, then how come you know so? There is no possible way any person could be born again. When you die, you die. Your beliefs cannot stop you from dying, nor can the forming of your own self-messiah religion. And, (prepare for highly heretic/blasphemetic material) there is/was no God to engineer our universe, or any other fragment of the multiverse. If God is real, then why do I doubt so? If He was real, then He would have engineered our universe so we could never think the opposite of him. That's proof enough. Anyway, we don't necessarily have to be nice to creatures. We eat them, we use them for transport, and we use their byproducts for many reasons. If we were nice to creatures, we wouldn't even be here, and saber-toothed tigers would be pondering over whither they should be nice to humans.

    Sheesh, I feel as if I'm talking to a pre-Photon-Interferometer-era chaplain. I guess I shall be flamed for such an act of blasphemy. At least I have told the truth. Don't live long and prosper.

    \\//, (Vulcan hand-greeting)
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    Perdona me!

    Nothing needs to be the same, neither place, matter, way of thinking, being, looking or anything else before as after you get unconscious.

    Then what the frogg do you think happen when you die?
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    Simple: You die. You go through Rigor-mortis, and eventually decay by the lack of bodily resources. Soon your flesh will be gone, and you'll be nothing but a hunk of bones. Not the most encouraging thought, but it is the true. And you will die. There's no stop to that. Maybe you can prolong your life with medicine or other techniques, but all things must come to an end. Despite your beliefs, you will never have an eternal life. In fact, even if you were to live over billions of years, you would die by proton decay, which is the same way neutron stars are "killed". Nothing will last forever.
  6. Feb 17, 2004 #5
    Like when you'we been unconscious for several years.

    Your old flesh is long gone, you don't act on the same way, and you don't remember that much. even if you lose a legg and alot of blood your still you. Even if you don't think in the same way, your still you.

    What's the difference between dying and fainting?
  7. Feb 17, 2004 #6
    It's like saying your not the kid you once were, although you are you.

    That kid died. He changed and became you.

    Then what has to be the same before as after? Cause you once were nothing, and now you're you.

    Is this hard to understand?

    Did you even read my post?
  8. Feb 17, 2004 #7
    Lord FALSEheart,

    The environment that you were brought up in is your "proof" that there is no God?? What's wrong, didn't you get what you wanted one time?? Did somebody DIE?? Poor you.

    You can not be too spiritual, but you can be too Scientific. Prove what Life is (include Consciousness). Prove what Music is. Prove what Love is. Prove what pre-determination drives evolution. WHAT??? science is of no help to you?? How can these things be with no proof? All of the truly wonderful things in life operate outside testable predictions.

    Your soul is like a photon - provides its' own energy that the body holds while you're alive. When you die, it is released exactly the same as an emmission of a photon. The Energy in you that makes you ALIVE will be conservered, as all Energy is.

    You can know these things, but you will have to turn off all outside distractions for your mind, and go inside. This freedom is called free will, and comes with great responsibility. Faith gives you the courage to face this responsibility. The great doubt that you have is more proof FOR God than against. It will eventually drive you away from the distractions, and seek truth. But first you must accept the responsibility. Until then, you will wallow in your pile of distractions, and try to use Science to disprove that which created it.

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    First things first, the attitude is uncalled for.

    Second, there is no evidence for God that meets the requirements of science. Thats why they call it "religion." I won't go so far as he did to say thats proof there is no God, but it doesn't matter: science requires positive, not negative proof.

    8LPF16, you are certainly free to believe things without evidence. Flashheart prefers believing things with evidence. They are two different worldviews and neither can really address the points of the other. The science v. religion debate should end here: 8LPF16, I'm not saying your beliefs are invalid, but this is a science board and they are not relevant here. edit: we do have a philosophy forum though...
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  10. Feb 17, 2004 #9
    Can we please avoid personal attacks in this forum? By insulting others you only degrade yourself.

    To prove that there are things too abstract to be proven is entirely different from proving that humans have souls. Life, music, and love are all human ideals, invented by humans. Ideals cannot be proven. Souls, on the other hand, are not ideals. Unless you care to argue that souls are not real, but merely abstractions created by the human psyche to represent the good and evil tendencies inside each of us.

    Thanks for sharing your personal opinion!
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  11. Feb 21, 2004 #10
    I am betting on the immortality giving nanobots myself.

    Oh yeah, proton decay has never been observered. And there are no standard model theories out there that require it.

    So should we devise some method of immortality, there is nothing that says the it has to end other then the finally entropic loss of energy. And even that could be solved by some sort of inter-demensional collisions that theories such as the Bubble Inflationary theory predict. Sure there are a couple theories out there that predict the end of spacetime, but, they have the same probablity of being wrong as all the other cosmology theories.
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