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I Have an Exam Tomorrow and I need help so here are some question

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    2. The pascal principle is used to operate a dentists chair. assume that the pressure everywhere in the fluid is 13.5 kpa. if the small cylinder(piston) has an area of 0.007m(squared) and the large cylinder(piston) has an area of 0.08m(squared) calculate the force on each cylinder.

    3. a gold nugget weighs 1.23N in air. when suspended from a string and submerged in water its apparent weight (T) is 1.09N. calculate the density of the gold nuggett.

    4.water enters a cylindrical pipe 3.5cm in diameter at a speed of 1.6m/s. if the pipes diameter is suddenly reduced to 2.1cm, what is the max velocity of the water moving through the smaller pipe?

    5. air is pushed through a forced-air furnace duct at a speed of 4.7m/s. the duct is rectangular and measure 58cm by 23cm. how fast will air move through a smaller portion of the duct that is also rectangular and measures 35cm by 23cm.

    6. a force of 19N[E] pushes a box of mass 13.2kg across a level floor at a constant speed. calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction (,U) between the two surfaces.

    i know its a lot of work there so you can do all of them or just 1 or how every many you want to. im just struggling on these questions and my exam is tomorrow and i really need some help so if you guys are able to help me out i would really appreciate it. thanks so much for doing this guys. :smile:
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    Welcome to PF, Raidersfan. However, please note that we cannot help you with textbook/homework questions, until you have first shown us your efforts: In future, please use all the sections of the homework posting template with which you were provided:
    So, please post some thoughts on each question, and we'll be more than happy to help!
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