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I have begun my business at now 16 old

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    I have begun my business at now 16 old...
    I am 16 now, I have a Chinese general website, where has the info of Religions, supernatures, PDA, smartphones, CPUs, Computers, social views and my personal diary and views. Recently I joined the Google Advertisement search project for my website, and earn the slight money for my conation---saving money prepares marriage before 22 and buying my favourite digital products. Only 2 days, I have earned 0.9x US dollars, it is about 7 HK dollars. If I earn enough 50 US dollars I will be received a check. That is great, I will have about 350 HK dollars/ two monthes, then this can maintain my life and buying conation. Now I am only 16, I have started to earn money, that is encouraging.

    I think the woman has received the news that my paper has been proven, a bad matter became a good matter, this was predicted in my divination. But I think that is the woman only will raise me when she is touched in my persistence, I don't like this, I originally think I depend my strength, actually I need to beg her alms... :grumpy: :grumpy:

    When the woman sent me the letter, is the time of the coming of her. Now I have no patient to waiting for her good news.

    If I got the 50 US dollars check, I will buy a handheld computer (palm), I depend it to write and study physics.
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    Good luck with your web site yu_wing_sin, my daughter started hers a few
    months ago, she is hopeing for big things.
    I not to sure about the rest of your post, you want to be wed at 22 ?
    and you are short of cash ?
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    22 is a good age to marry. good luck with your site, and studies.
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    Thanks for your congratulations. And I am not in short of money... And I am contented in the comsume of life, but I want to buy a big thing, now I am still saving the money for buying it.
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    why dont u try including music vedios.
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    That is illegal, you should know...
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    Chi Meson

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    Yu Wing Sin:
    I just wanted to say that your use of English is wonderful! A few words are slightly out of context, but it makes your writing very amusing (in a good way).

    I should tell you that the word "conation" is NEVER used. It is used only in philosophical texts. It means something like "the struggle of daily life" and it may or may not be what you meant, but you definitely do not "buy conation."

    Edit: I just looked it up in the OED (the big dictionary of English): we would use the word "volition" in conversation instead of conation, if you are talking about "the DESIRE to perform an action." Or, if you are talking about the BUSINESS that you desire to create, this would be called your "endeavor."

    Keep up the good work.
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    The "Conation" originaly I meaned "desire", my Eng-Chi dict is not standard, I use a computer instant dict to translate Chinese to English and directly copy it on websites, and I am poor in language, so maybe it is this problem.
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    Never lose heart m' boy!!
    ur learning fast...

    btw...ur only 16, y are u worried abt getting married @ 22 now....
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    I'm turning 22 in less than 3 weeks!!!

    Good luck, with everything. Don't pressure yourself to get married though.
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