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I have broken tv part

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    hey i have broken the part below
    IMG_3752.jpg and now i don't know what to do
    what if i swich it on will it make boom??
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    By broken....
    What part of it is broken - the glass , a pin, some of the plastic around the beam adjustments, etc.?
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    glass is broken

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    Well, looks not too good.
    There is a heater element inside that reaches a high temperature when on.
    The chamber, before which was a high vacuum with little or no oxygen, has now atmospheric oxygen. When the heater element reaches the high temperature, the atmospheric oxygen with oxidize the element very quickly to complete failure. The electron gun will definitely not be of much use after that.
    You can maybe see the element - it is similar in appearance to a light bulb filament.

    There must have been some problem before hand with the TV for you to be tinkering around with it.
    It could have been a failed part before the glass became broken
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    yes that is true i was to fix posistor and i moved tv in the next room and i hit the glass of electron gun on door and all the air got there in a while .
    i did not knew what to do and as it was an old tv this is what is saw
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    The electron gun is pretty much useless with air in the tube. You cannot get electrons to move with all the air molecules in the way. The heater will last from a few seconds to a minute before it burns out. Let me guess. You pulled the circuit board off the back of the tube and in doing so broke the little glass tit sticking out which of course let air into the tube. This glass tit is there just for that. Before disposal of a TV this tit is meant to be broken off as an intact tube is somewhat of a hazard due to implosion. I have seen a 19 inch tube implode from full vacuum. It is surprisingly violent.
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    no man i was moving tv and i hit it on the door and broke the glass by accsident
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    The tube is non repairable. It is unlikely you can find a replacement one unless you find an identical TV that has a non tube related failure. The difficulty of swapping that part and getting it adjusted and working again without injuring yourself is high. You will also need to buy a bunch of equipment to do it properly. It might be a good learning experience but you will be without a TV for a while.

    Your best bet is to find a new one or working used one.


    PS: Please learn about the high voltages inside there before tinkering. Be safe.
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    You're lucky a while ≠ a millisecond
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