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I have changed my profession

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    I have changed my profession...

    That is great! Physics is very boring, and I doubt my paper whether can succeed, so I abandon to study physics forever. I also have abandoned to publish my paper, I will not pay any more persistence on this field...

    Now I changed my profession, I have decided to return to study Computers, digital products and CPUs again. I think this field is just my strength and successful future. And also Computer is an easy subject for me to study more profoundly, but Physics is difficult.

    Haha, now I am very comfortable because I transfer my focus on Computers. Originall I have some big schemes on Physics, such as, to discover the supernatural power, to reform religions, to put forward some revolutions, but now... I think I am unable, now only publishing a paper is impossible, I have abandoned to publish it.

    Yes, my choice is right, Computer is just my strength, even I can challenge the adults.

    :shy: :shy: :shy: :smile: :smile: :smile:
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    Great discission
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    Good luck yu_wing_sin!
    I'm glad to here you have found something you enjoy!
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    Sounds like you made a happy decision. :)
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