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I have enrolled in a Trigonometry Class in College.

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    Anyways as I said, I put myself in a Trigonometry class. I got in to this Continued Learning Program at a Small College in which they will let me take Trigonometry and I will not get any Credits from it, therefore they will not put this class in my School Records. Im basically taking it on my own free will and it will do me some in Knowledge but for School Record, it will not affect it. Anyways, I got finished taking Algebra II in High School. I ACED the Exam with a 100. So I will be taking Calculus next year.

    What I need to know is, How much do they cover in a typical Week in a Trigonometry class? Since I am going to this class tommorrow for the first time when it started Last Week. Can anyone Give me any specific areas of Trigonometry that they have covered on there first week of learning?

    I felt I should Post this Thread in here, because i am asking for help. Please forgive me if it should be in the Mathematics Topic.
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    I took that class years ago and am now taking calc 2. Anyways...i remember back then alot of it was all about SOH CAH TOA! I must have learned something in there but theres alot more you'll solve for. Basically algebra is mostly calc1 and trig is calc 2/3.
    Youll do fine! Good luck!
    Dx :wink:
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    Trig was an enjoyable course. If you have an imagination you will see all kinds of practical uses for it. You have to do some memorization, as will all math type courses, but I believe (and hope) that you will have a great time.
    Good luck
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    How much more is there to Trigonometry than what HS teaches you?
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    Tom Mattson

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    That depends on whether or not this is a "summer course", as opposed to a regular 15-week semester course. The only way you can tell for sure is to get a copy of the syllabus and find out what was done.

    No, you're fine here.
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    Yes it is a Summer Coarse. Ill be taking 2 hours of it everyday, For this month. From the looks of the replies in here, I get the reaction to think that Trigonometry is a piece of Geometrical Algebraic Cake. Although I seemed to hit a bump. They ran out of Trigonometry Text Books. A Ladie told me that they were going to make Copies of the Text Book, and that I should come at a certain time to pick up a copie. Well, I went to the College that certain time to pick up a made copie. Anyways, The Teachers their knew they were out of Trigonometry text books, but there were no copies made of the book.

    Tommorrow I will attend the class with my Mathematical Neccessities and I will be the only one not to have a Text book intill they get a copie of it. I have bought and read many books on Mathematics. One book has 6000 years of Mathematics from the Beginning to now. I have been looking over the Trigonometry area of the Book and I was Familiar with SOH CAH TOA. Though I will have to Look at the other Formulas found in the Trigonometry Section and learn to Understand them. The Class is one week ahead of I, the guy I met at the area I was going to get a copie of the Trig Text Book said, "Your going to need to a Calculator tommorrow". I was going to bring my Calculator tomorrow anyways. So Judging from his Calculator statement, they are really not that far into the Subject and that they are just now Exploring the ways of Using Calculators to calculate Trigonometrical Problems.
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    Please check my answers to the followign Trigonometric equations.
    When you look at the Equations you must mark see if it is True or False.

    5. cos (-1000) sec 1000 = -1
    Answer: FALSE

    6. tan (-160) = - tan 20,
    Answer: TRUE

    7. tan (-100) cot 100 = -1
    Answer: True

    8. sin(-200) csc 20 = -1
    Answer: True

    9. sin (-60)/sin (-30) = cot 30
    Answer: True

    10. 1/cot (-[the]) = - tan [the]
    Answer: True

    11. sin² (-[the]) - cos² [the] = -1
    Answer: False

    12. cot² (45) + 1 = csc² (-45)
    Answer: False

    13. cos (-130) is a positive number
    Answer: True
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    Tom Mattson

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    I differ from you on #8,12,13.

    #8: Note that -200o=160o. sin(160o)>0.

    #12: Note that csc2(-45o)=csc2(45o), by virtue of the fact that you are squaring the negative number.

    #13: Note that -130o=230o, and cos(230o)<0.
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