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Homework Help: I have no idea how to solve this ques

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    Make an order-of-magnitude estimate of the cost of one person’s routine use of a hair dryer for 1 yr. If you do not use a blow dryer yourself, observe or interview someone who does. State the quantities you estimate and their values.
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    Find out the power of a dryer (Google) and the cost of a kWh in your area (Google).Estimate the time somebody uses the dryer in a year in hours.Compute the number of kWh then the price.
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    By the way, this topic is not a topic for advanced physics. This is something for introductory physics.

    The question should be very intuitive. The best part about order-of-magnitude questions is that you can, for example, say a new flat screen tv costs $2000 or $5000 and as an order of magnitude calculation goes, they're the exact same answer.
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    Thx for helping !!
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