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Homework Help: I have no idea

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    A 680.0 kg car travelling on a level road at 27.0 m/s (60.5 mi/hr) can stop, locking its wheels, in a distance of 61.0 m (200.1 ft). Find the size of the horizontal force which the car applies on the road while stopping.

    Correct, computer gets: 4.06E+03 N
    Find the stopping distance of that same car when it is traveling up a 17.1° slope, and it locks its wheels while traveling at 34.9 m/s (78.2 mi/hr). Assume that mu_k does not depend on the speed. >???

    I have no idea how to solve part two i know i can use mass from part 1 but how can i get distance i have too many unknowns
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    have you tried to solve it with the conservation of energy teorem?
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