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Homework Help: I have no idea!

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    Find the x-coordinates of the points on the curve [tex]y=\frac{3x}{2x-3}[/tex] where the normal is parallel to the line 9y=4x+3.

    Could someone tell me what to do?
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    Ask Omicron,apparently he's found a way to solve the same problem.


    P.S.My advice would normally include find the derivative,the equation of the normal and then put the condition of parallelism and find the "x" intercept.
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    Yes, apparently I found a way.
    Find the derivitive
    Gradient of 9y=4x+3 and normal => 4/9
    Gradient of the tangent line => -9/4
    Set -9/4 = derivitive

    You know, its too coincidental that you got the same question as me? :uhh:
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    1. What is the slope of the line 9y= 4x+ 3?

    2. What is the slope of a line normal to that?

    3. At what points is the derivative of y(x) equal to the answer you got to 2?
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