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I'm 50 years old and working on finishing my BA in Physics. I have not seen any demand for physicists (middle aged) anywhere in the job market. I want to do research and if at all possible avoid grad school. What are my chances of finding employment w/o a grad degree?

Have worked as a tutor in Differential Equations, some simple PDE's and complex variables and have some working programs using the Flex PDE 6.0 software and some very simple MatLab programs as well. Currently working on a project (senior seminar) of water waves in a ripple tank and waveguides. It is a simple experiment that does not use simple PDE's.

I try to stay up to date, attending APS seminars, discussing with faculty various topics, etc.
So what do you think? Don't be timid, give an honest answer.

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It probably depends on where you live, and more importantly on previous work experience. As you may be starting to realize, your upper year physics courses aren't very applicable to most fields. Not to mention that "physicist" isn't really a job. Your best bet to enter industry would be to find an R&D position at a growing company. The trouble there is how much is a start up company willing to pay?

What previous work experience do you have?