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I have physics envy!

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    Hi there everyone!
    I just signed up to this amazing site, and I look forward to asking a host of odd questions.
    I am a mature (31) student at an institute if technology in Ireland, and I have just started the second semester of my FIRST year.
    I am loving every minute of the course, the maths occasionally blindsides me as I have forgotten some the early first principles and laws. But I am hungry for it (got 6 of 6 distinctions in the first semester), and hopefully this forum and all it's resident geniuses will guide me through some of the tricky questions!

    Just don't be surprised if I ask the occasional question that makes you either laugh or facepalm.


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    Welcome to PF!
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    cheers Greg....or is it Professor Bernhardt??!!
    lets just go with Professor Greg.
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