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I have problem with Firefox.

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    I have a lot of problem with Firefox lately ever since the latest version. It is very unstable. My latest problem is the cpu seems to be very busy and stop responding to the mouse and the fan turn on ( high power usage). There a numerous times a window popped up and said to stop the scrip. This is what I copy down, can anyone tell me how to deal with the scrip problems? Here are the two:

    Script: http://mi.adinterax.com/customer/ya...per_Dish_103012_News.ns.js?adxq=1350998742:23


    Also when I look at the task manager, there is on program:


    That use 25% of the resource and it is related to Firefox. How do I disable this, it is not in the tool manual of Firefox.


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    It's likely space allocated for plugins. I would try to downgrade or install chrome/opera
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    What do you mean by downgrade? What is chrome/opera?
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    Chrome is a browser from google. Opera is another brand of browser.
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