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I heard about this, nanocar

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    is It real?.. Physicists made a nanocar, out of a single molecule..

    on about.com they have an article, but i doubt it's reliable.

    and while your at it, explain this to me :confused: :confused: :confused:
    I need some help, understanding and solving this problem.

    When you mix hot and cold liquids you can find the temperature of the mixture by using the formula T= ah+bc divided by a+b, where T is the temperature of the mixture, h is the temperature of the hot liquid, c is the temperature of the cold liquid, a and b respresent the amounts of hot and cold liquids. Suppose you mix hot tea and cold milk in a ratio a:b of 9:1 and find that the temperature of the mixture is 117degrees You then change the trea:milk ratio to 2:1 and the temperature drops 96degrees. Find the initial temperatures of the tea and Milk.
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    Hey stop posting your problem in so many forums!
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    Having us answer your homework questions is not allowed.

    As for the nanocar I'd have to look that up...
    NanoCar_mod_sm.jpg NanoCarMoving_sm.jpg

    GOOGLE is your friend!:biggrin:
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